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Pay As You GoPay As You Go

Welcome to gotU! The new on demand, pay as you go alternative to roadside assistance. If you're stuck on the side of the road and need help, gotU is just a tap tap away! Watch one of our highly trained roadside assistance specialists make their way to you 24/7.

There’s no joining fee & no annual membership – you only pay for what you need, when you need it!

How it works - Quick and easyHow it works - Quick and easy

Got car trouble? Get help quickly and easily via gotU.

There’s no wondering where they are, because you can track how close help is and see them coming. Pay by credit or debit card and best of all, there’s no joining or membership fees! You only pay for what you need.

*A cancellation fee of $50 inc. GST will apply for services that are cancelled after 5 minutes of driver on way.

Choose your service: flat battery, flat tyre, need a tow, jump start, no fuel or keys locked in car.

We pinpoint your location, find service providers nearby and connect you with the help you need.

Pay securely by card and only for what you need.

There's no wondering where they are, because you can track how close help is and see them coming.

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Our five roadside servicesOur five roadside services

gotU is ready to help 24/7 if you experience any one of these 5 car troubles.

Car won’t start? Could be the battery, which can fail without warning and usually at the worst time! For $89 incl GST, we'll provide you with a jump start to get you on your way. If it’s dead as a door nail, we may be able to replace or repair your battery at an extra charge. We'll only proceed if you are happy.

A flat tyre is a pain if you're not sure how to change one! for $89 incl GST, gotU can change a flat for you if you have a spare. No spare? No worries! Request a tow and we’ll come and get you.

There’s nothing worse than locking your keys inside your car. For $99 incl GST we’ll send a technician out to get your car unlocked in a flash.

Whether you forgot to fill up or tried squeezing out that last drop, no fuel means no go. For $99 incl GST, gotU can give you a top up fast. This service includes $10 worth of fuel to get you back on your way

Broken down and not sure what to do? gotU will send you a tow truck for $99 incl GST which includes 10km of towing. Every km further will incur an additional charge;

11 – 20kms $5 per km
21 – 35kms $3.75 per km
36kms + $3.50 per km

Keep them safe with Family ViewKeep them safe with Family View

gotU has Family View for loved ones.

Invite them to link accounts and if they need roadside assistance you can help them.

Your card is linked to their account, so payment is not a problem for them. Plus you get an instant alert about a situation, can see help coming and arriving, and get an alert when the job is done.

Family View

About us

gotU discovered that Australians wanted an alternative to traditional roadside assistance. People wanted choice, better value, and the ability to only pay for what they needed, when they needed it.

The gotU idea came to life through Allianz Global Assistance who have been on the road helping people for over 20 years. gotU uses the same network of service providers, so when you tap tap for help, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Our people

We take our job of providing roadside assistance very seriously. After all, we’re dealing with car problems that need to be solved quickly and professionally , so we’re super conscious of safety at all times.

That’s why each and every one of our service providers is fully qualified, highly trained and very experienced. So whatever your situation, you can rely on your gotU guy or girl to look after you with 100% professionalism.

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PO Box 162 Toowong Qld 4066

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