gotU for Families

Want to cut down on annual membership fees? And have a better view of your family’s roadside assistance use? Family View is the answer.

What is it?

Family View allows you to link your family’s gotU accounts to your own. This means:

  • You’ll be notified if they need to use roadside assistance.
  • Payment won’t be a problem because their account is linked to your card.
  • You can see the provider making their way to them via the app.
  • You’ll be notified when the job is complete and they are back on the road!

gotU Real Time Roadside Assistance Family View

Using Family View

You’ll be prompted to link family members when you register.

Alternatively, click Settings in the app (top right corner) and select the Family Member option from the list.

Here you will be asked for their name and mobile phone number.

Select Add Member and that’s it…

Now you have peace of mind that they won’t be stuck without help.

Phone Family Roadside Assistance