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How To Protect Your Car Against Sun Damage

by Anthony Bianco

You love your car’s paint job so much that you’ll do anything to stop it fading away. But after a short trip driving in the stinking hot sun, your car claps out and it’s subjected to the harsh Australian elements.

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Here is our blog post on how to protect your car against sun damage!

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Sun Damage And Cars

Cars really cop it from the elements in Australia. Since the majority of Australia’s population live near the coast, our vroom vrooms are subjected to the salty air as well as the scorching hot sun. Plus, some of us like going on long road trips to experience the wide open spaces Australia offers.

However, leaving your car outside in Australia does come with a cost. Just like salty air, the unforgiving Australian sun can also oxidise your car’s paint. Ultraviolet (UV) rays not only cause damage to your skin – but they also affect your car, causing your paint to fade.

UV levels do vary considerably throughout Australia – daily maximums are much higher in northern parts of the country throughout the entire year than in southern regions.

You will notice a change in your car’s paint within a couple of years if it is constantly subjected to the elements. No one likes a car that looks tired and worn out.

Yes, this sounds like your car’s worst nightmare, but there are few things that you can do to minimise the impact the sun has on your car’s paint work.

How to protect your car from sun damage          

The simplest way to protect your car from sun damage is to keep your car out of the sun – excluding it from direct sunlight for as long as possible. Eliminating the sun’s rays from your car’s paintwork will minimise the chances of sun damage over the years that you own your vehicle.

So if you have access to a car port or garage, leave your car undercover whenever you can. If you’re out and about, find a shady spot in a car park or try and find an undercover space – such as under a tree, shade sail, or something else that blocks the sun.

Unfortunately, some of us don’t have access to one of these sun excluding devices. So what do you do if you need to leave your car out on street for extended periods? Well, if you don’t have a garage or undercover parking space, you’ll then need to invest in a heavy duty car cover to minimise the chance of sun damage occurring.

Like in our post about how to protect your car from salt, once you have washed your car, polishing it with a wax or other protectant will create a barrier between your car and the sun’s rays. For some handy car washing tips, see more at our page on How To Clean Your Car.

Plus, it’s not only your car’s paint that suffers in the extreme sun and heat. Your dashboard also cops it, your battery is placed on a higher load from air conditioning, and your tyres can give incorrect pressure readings, meaning they could wear out more if they’re over or underinflated.

What if my car already has sun damage?

Faded paint can be restored to a point, but that depends on your car’s paint type. If you do notice your car paint is fading, you’ll need to remove the oxidation by detailing your car, and then restoring the shine via polishing.

If your car is heavily oxidised – which is characterised by a dull, chalk like surface, there’s not much you can do about it except give it a new paint job which requires someone with specialised skills and professional spray equipment.

Sun damage isn’t always ‘skin deep’ – it can penetrate all the way to the bare metal. And that’s when car paint restoration can be a very expensive process!

That’s why prevention is the best medicine. Take care of your car’s paint job, and it will take care of you. If you follow these sun damage prevention steps, your car’s paint might last longer than the car!

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