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How To Inflate Your Tyres & Check Your Pressure

Not sure how to fill your tyres to the correct pressure?

In this short video, Matt from the YouTube channel Panda Garage reveals what pressure you should be inflating your tyres to and explains how to do it.

Transcript: How To Inflate Your Tyres & Check Your Pressure

G’day everyone, Matt from Panda Garage for gotU Roadside Assistance. Today we’re back with another video about tyre pressures. Have you ever wondered how to pump up your tyres or what type of pressure you need in these tyres?

Well stay tuned for this and more because we’re going to get stuck into all of that and by the time you finish this video you should be a pretty good expert at it, so join me as we get stuck right into it.

When you’re ready to use your pump or use a pump from the petrol station, make sure you do this one tip. This is something that’s on every single car and you just have to look in your door. It’s either going to be in your driver’s side door or the passenger side door, depending on where your car was made. What we’re looking at here is the little sticker, and this actually tells you what pressure to fill your tyres up to, depending on what you’re looking at doing.

With a Holden Cruz for example it will actually show you the KPA and PSI. We’ll be using PSI for most of this and most pumps use PSI indicators. This shows a standard family if you’re going economic and you’re wanting to get those extra miles, and also if you’re fully loaded. A Holden Cruz as you can see is a 36 PSI. That’s the recommended pressure by the manufacturer.

Depending on your tyres as well as you can see, that’s the factory indicator for the tyre size and this is the pressure they recommend. That’s what we’ll be going off today and what you should go off too.

Lastly we’re now at the petrol station. We’re going to fill up our tyres and we’re going to use the pump. There’s two different kinds of pumps. There’s one where you connect it on and there’s a little dial on the handle itself.

Or there’s what a modern pump is these days and you can actually choose the pressure you’re wanting and it’ll pump it up automatically. That’s what we’re going to do right now and that will get all our tyres up.

You can also see Matt’s other video about how to check your car’s tyre tread depth.