Car Battery Replacements

If your battery is flat, we’ll provide you with a jump start to get you on your way. If it’s dead as a doornail, one of our mobile mechanics may be able to replace or repair your battery for an extra charge in the Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane metropolitan areas. But, we’ll only proceed if you are happy.

A flat car battery is one of those things that can, quite simply, ruin an otherwise tops day. Whether you’re on your way to uni or work, out and about on the weekend, or (fist pump) enjoying a much-needed road trip holiday, if it happens, you’re pretty much in the so-not-fast lane to nowhere.

But if you have pay-as-you-need roadside assistance, you’ll have no worries. Because we’ve gotU.

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Feeling flat? Time for a new car battery!

A flat battery = total buzz kill. 100%. But if your car or 4WD breaks down, chillax! We have professional, on-call roadside assistance providers* to help you out when you’re in a pickle.

Car Battery Replacements

How long do batteries last?

Batteries (like most things) disintegrate over time, and how long they last depends on things like the type of vehicle you have, whether the battery was installed properly, how often you use your car and how regularly you have it maintained. Typically here in Australia, car batteries tend to last between three and five years.

Why do batteries die?

Batteries have a finite life and battery failure can be due to various factors – from not driving your car for ages, leaving your lights on for too long (hello, Monday morning surprise), or from just general wear and tear.

Can I fix it myself?

Your granddad might have attempted it, but these days with the increase in auto-technology, trying to replace your own car battery is just not worth the risk (so it’s best to tell your mechanic mate to back off).

Going for a long drive, idling the engine or attempting a short stop-start trip also won’t help. In fact this ‘surface charging’ could result in lowering your battery’s long-term capacity and/or voiding your warranty.

So what do I do if my battery’s flat?

The only reliable way to test if you’ve got a flat battery and to get help with a replacement if you need it, is to call on a professional who has access to an electronic tester, which will gauge the battery’s charge.

Testing Car Battery Charge

What will my roadside assistance provider do?

Professional roadside assistance providers will normally start with checking and cleaning your battery’s terminals and will then connect their specialised battery load tester to determine the condition of your battery. A number of outcomes are then possible.

Sometimes a battery just needs a recharge with a jump-start (because you left your lights on for example), which they will do to get you on your way.

If the test confirms you need a new battery, you can either be jump-started to get you to your nearest mechanic (no, not your mate), or our roadside assistance providers can provide you with a new battery on the spot#.

Changing and Recyling Car Batteries

If it’s not the battery that’s the cause of your breakdown, your provider can also give you advice on what to do next (lucky we also provide tow truck services).

How much does a car battery replacement cost?

We can give you a jump-start to get you moving again. If your poor old battery is done and dusted, we may be able to replace or repair it for an extra charge, but we’ll only proceed if you’re happy. Car battery costs vary depending on the car model and will be discussed at the time if required.

And guess what? You only pay for the services you need (that means zero membership fees as well) where our professional roadside assistance services are available*.

Ready to get up and running ASAP? We’ve gotU!

* Please check our location maps for more information.
# Additional services including battery replacements may incur additional charges. Please contact us for more details.

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