Vehicle Unlock

Vehicle Unlock

Death, taxes and locking your keys in the car… all certainties at some stage in everyone’s life. Save the embarrassment of having to call family or friends for a lift and get help from gotU instead.

For $77, we’ll send one of our mobile mechanics out to get your car unlocked in a flash by one of our car locksmiths in the Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane metropolitan areas!

What to do when you lock yourself out of your car

If you’ve locked yourself out of the car, here is what you should do:

  1. If there is a baby or animal locked in the car, you should act quickly. For more tips on staying safe when you’ve broken down, click here
  2. Request help from a trusted provider by clicking here
  3. Follow the instructions to finalise your request.
  4. Wait by your vehicle for the provider to arrive.
  5. Get back on the road!

Avoid getting locked out of your car

Of course, you would never plan to lock yourself out of your car. But, there are some simple ways to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Try these:

  • Don’t give your keys to kids or babies sitting in the car. Buttons will be pushed and doors will be locked.
  • Keep your keys with you when you walk away from the car or close the doors to avoid the auto-lock feature separating you from your keys.
  • If you notice that your key is a bit less responsive than normal, the battery might be going. Get that replaced when you notice so you’re not stuck.

Staying safe when you’ve broken down

Find some tips on how to stay safe when you’ve broken down