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OK … your car’s not starting. You’ve booked a roadside assistance provider in Melbourne and the diagnosis? You need a tow.

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Broken down in peak hour Melbourne? Tow truck to the rescue!

A few years back, research agency McCrindle released a report confirming that over six and a half million Aussies commute to work by car. The report also stated that Melbourne has over 108,000 more commuters than Sydney, even though the Harbour City has over 400,000 more peeps. The point? Peak hour in downtown Melbourne is pretty ordinary.

Towing Melbourne

Of course, lots of traffic also equals a whole lot of breakdowns, but regardless of whether you’re CBD commuting, heading bayside for a spot of brekky in St Kilda or day tripping it for some mountain magic in the Dandenongs, there’s nothing worse than being stranded roadside.

I’ve booked a call-out. Now what?

If you break down and book a roadside assistance provider, they should arrive within 30 minutes (of course you can verify this by GPS-stalking them on your mobile). After checking your car, they will give you an expert’s diagnosis and fix the problem if they can, however if not, they will book a truck to tow your car to wherever you want.

Why should I need a tow truck?

Things like flat batteries, fuel top ups, flat tyres and my-key-is-locked-inside-my-car scenarios can easily be fixed on the spot by your trusty roadside assistance provider or mobile mechanic. However, they are not miracle workers either and some issues they won’t be able to magically solve. This is when booking a tow truck becomes your next best option.

Now what?

It is entirely your decision whether you book a tow or not, however our roadside assistance providers’ first priority is to keep everyone safe, including you, your car and the other motorists out there. Heads up! It’s probably a good idea to take their advice.

What if I’m ages away from home?

Don’t stress. Regardless of whether you’d like your car towed to your current residence, your usual mechanic or your mate’s place (until you decide what you’re going to do), we’ll get it there ASAP.

Tow Truck Services for Melbourne

Let’s talk dollars.

Reality? It’s pretty economical actually. Compared to the current standard fee confirmed by Vic Roads (around $207.30 for a one-off 8km callout in the ‘Melbourne controlled area’), we only charge $95* (including GST) for a tow up to 10k’s. After that, you just pay for any additional kilometres you need.

With 24-7 roadside assistance in hundreds of locations around Australia (check our location maps for more information) and no joining or membership fees, it’s a no-brainer really.

Car trouble? Towing required? We’ve gotU.

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* Additional services may incur additional charges. Please see our website for more details.